#PutDownthePhone – Canada Distracted Driving Video

It Happens Fast

As a young man, Andrew, drives, (“tweet-tweet”), he’s distracted by a text message from his cellphone on the passenger seat. Hesitant, he picks it up to check and is crashed into by another car; popping up with a neck-tube feeder in a hospital room. His blank expression affirms brain damage.

Andrew sits motionless in a wheelchair for the disabled.

NURSE >> Hi Andrew.

A nurse enters the room.

NURSE >> How are you feeling?

The nurse wipes drool from his mouth.

NURSE >> Okay?

Andrew stares totally unresponsive. The nurse draws open the vertical blinds. Turning Andrew’s wheelchair to face the large vista window, she tilts his head up off his shoulder. Circling around front, she pats his dormant hand on her way out.

Andrew’s arms are now resting on fold-out supports. Andrew sits slack-jawed as a breeze wafts through the blinds.

Ontario End Slide appears.
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URL: Ontario.ca/distracteddriving