The Geico Philanthropic Foundation’s Grant Awarded To The Dori Slosberg Foundation

doriThe Dori Slosberg Foundation has been awarded a grant for safe driving programs from The Geico Philanthropic Foundation to continue their mission to create safer drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

This grant will be used to advance safe teen driving programs and driver education related events across the state of Florida along with many community events. Such programs include the “In the Click” seatbelt compliance contests, crash reenactments, safe teen video conferences that reach thousands of students at a time, safety fairs, safe teen driving assemblies, and the Dori Saves Lives Scholarship Contest. DSF and safety partner The Geico Philanthropic Foundation, together host the “Staying Alive on 75 & 95” safety campaigns throughout Florida as well as “Move Over Florida” and “DUI 0 Tolerance” programs.

“We thank The Geico Philanthropic Foundation for its continued support for our programs which has made the phrase “Dori Saves Lives” a reality,” exclaimed CEO Emily Slosberg. “This partnership has given us the ability to educate and increase awareness about the importance of following the law and being responsible on the road for so many,” states Executive Director, Tara Kirschner.

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