Driver Dies After Taking Selfies and Posting on Facebook while Driving

sanfordcrashCourney Ann Sanford, 32, of Clemmons, N.C. died April 24th in a car wreck, moments after she posting on Facebook how much she liked “the happy song.”

Police say was posting selfies and a Facebook status while driving, died after crashing into a truck on a North Carolina highway.

Sanford’s car ran off the road and caught fire. She died at the scene. The truck also went off the road and hit a tree but its driver was unhurt. Sanford had been wearing a seat belt but it wasn’t on properly, police said.

Investigators ruled out drugs, alcohol and speed as possible causes of the crash, then learned later Thursday from her friends that Sanford had posted on her Facebook page.

The post read: “The happy song makes me HAPPY.”

As they traced Sanford’s online activity, investigators also found she had been posting selfies while driving, Weisner said.

“The Facebook text happened at 8:33 am We got the call on the wreck at 8:34 am,” Lt. Chris Weisner of the High Point Police department told the news station. “In a matter of seconds, a life was over just so she could notify some friends that she was happy.”

North Carolina made texting while driving illegal in 2009, but the law doesn’t specifically mention Facebook and Twitter.