Inspect My Ride – Vehicle Inspection Service

A new vehicle inspection service is making shopping for a car online even easier while also putting buyers at ease. InspectMyRide LLC, a subsidiary of DataScan Field Services LLC, one of the largest automotive inspection services in North America, provides online buyers the opportunity to obtain a comprehensive vehicle inspection performed by a professional.

The introduction of InspectMyRide was a natural progression for DataScan, which provides similar inspection and other services to the world’s largest automotive manufacturers, automotive lenders, dealerships and financial institutions. The DataScan team has more than 25 years of experience in providing automotive inspections and repair estimates.

For InspectMyRide, the services provided by the nationwide network of professional inspectors have been tailored to meet the needs of today’s consumers. The 150+ point visual inspection, variety of quality digital photos, and road test (when conditions permit) provide prospective buyers a wealth of information about the vehicle before they make their purchase decision. Within 24 hours of the inspection being completed, customers receive an e-mail notification from InspectMyRide and can easily access their comprehensive online vehicle report at to make an informed purchase decision.

Unlike other vehicle inspections services, detailed reports at InspectMyRide® include a unique consumer-friendly scoring model that analyzes the findings from the inspection and assigns both a numeric score and a five-star rating for each vehicle. The scoring, rating, condition report and quality digital images combine to provide important information to be used in making the right decision about the purchase of a vehicle. The right decision can result in buyers driving away in their dream car or avoiding a costly mistake. “This is an exciting and innovative service that helps online shoppers feel more confident about their purchases,” said Richard Carpentier, Business Development Director for DataScan. “With InspectMyRide, consumers shopping for vehicles receive the tools they need to make the right decision for them.”

With vehicle inspections starting as low as $129, InspectMyRide is not only a convenient and comprehensive service, but also an affordable investment in a potential purchase. With more and more vehicle sales taking place online every day, safeguards – like having an automotive professional inspect your vehicle before you purchase it – are needed more than ever before. “Buying a vehicle is a big decision. While purchasing vehicles online offers great value, convenience and a wide selection, it does increase your risk,” said Brent Sergot, Vice President and General Manager of DataScan. “With InspectMyRide, you can help protect yourself by validating that the vehicle matches its online description, and add peace-of-mind to the process by putting a professional inspector to work for you when you cannot see the car yourself.”

Once buyers find a vehicle of interest, they should go to and complete the simple “3 steps to inspect.” A professional vehicle inspector from DataScan will be assigned to perform the comprehensive vehicle inspection. In addition to providing the inspection report and digital photos, the buyer is also provided an Experian AutoCheck® vehicle history report summary, which lists repair history and other information regarding past ownership.

To learn more about InspectMyRide, visit, call 877-917-3767 (1-877-91-REPORT) or e-mail