Automatic Link Smart Phone Driving Assistant

Automatic_Package_Inside.616ef69a33afThe Automatic Link is a $99 auto accessory that talks to your car’s onboard computer and uses your smartphone’s GPS and data plan to upgrade your car’s capabilities.

The Link plugs into the OBD-II port of your car, connecting your phone to your car’s onboard computer while you drive. All cars since 1996 have an OBD-II port, and most cars are compatible with Automatic. The Link works with both iPhone and Android and functions as a Smart Driving Assistant: It helps you adjust your driving habits to save gas, remembers where you parked, and helps you decode and clear your car’s “check engine” light. Automatic can also detect many kinds of serious crashes, call for help, and alert loved ones, without an expensive subscription fee.

Automatic helps you make small changes in your driving habits that can lead to huge savings on gas over time. With Driving Feedback, Automatic learns about your driving style and gives you subtle audio cues when you do things that waste gas, like:

Rough Braking – Braking abruptly decreases fuel efficiency and dramatically increases wear-and-tear on your car’s brake pads.
Speeding – Highway speeding may not save you much time, but driving 10 MPH over the speed limit reduces fuel efficiency by 12-15%.
Rapid Acceleration – Stepping hard on the gas pedal decreases fuel efficiency and wastes money.

Automatic shows how you’re doing on every trip. Automatic scores your driving every week to help you improve. A high score could save you hundreds on gas every year.The Automatic app displays detailed info about your week, like how much you drive and where. See the actual MPGs for all your trips, even for older cars that don’t display fuel efficiency on the dashboard. Automatic also detects fill-ups and even tracks local gas prices to show you how much you’re spending.

Automatic Contacts Help in a Crash – Crash Alert can detect a collision and notify local authorities with your location, even if you can’t. Automatic can detect many types of serious crashes using the Link’s built-in accelerometer and automatically report it to local authorities using your iPhone’s data connection. Automatic can also send a text message to your loved ones to let them know emergency dispatchers are being contacted.

Keep Your Engine Healthy – Automatic connects to your car’s onboard computer to decipher that little ‘check engine’ light and explain exactly what’s wrong. When the ‘check engine’ light comes on, Automatic alerts you right away with a push notification. It then retrieves the Engine Trouble Codes – which help mechanics diagnose the problem – from your car’s onboard computer. Automatic shows you what those Engine Trouble Codes mean and in many cases offers possible solutions. For simple problems, you can even clear the light yourself, and save a trip to the shop. For more complicated issues, Automatic shows you well-reviewed mechanics nearby. Call them or get directions with a tap.

Never Forget Where You Parked – Automatic always remembers where you parked, so you don’t have to. Because Automatic connects to your car when you drive, it always knows where you parked and the Multi-Driver Support allows drivers of the same car can grant each other access to its parked location for seamless car sharing.

This Is Just The Beginning – Automatic is an investment in your car that improves over time. The Automatic app receives regular updates with new features and refinements and Over-the-Air Firmware Updates. The software inside the Link also updates itself automatically over time.

Available at your local Best Buy, Apple Stores, and Amazon, The Link retails for $99.95. The app and service are free.